Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Yesterday on a beautiful sunny, autumn day Room 6 visited McLaren Falls Park. With buddies we were in search of a winning photo for our school photography competition. Mrs Dunham had visited our classroom and shared some great ideas and tips for taking a great image. We talked about texture, looking for pattern, colour contrast, really light or really dark, colours that stand out against each other. How we could shoot from different angles, down low, looking upwards.We talked about using the water to get reflection images and the sun to get light filtering through autumn leaves. With all these good ideas we set off with our buddy to shoot that winning image. We all took many photos, had a great time and enjoyed a hot sausage from the BBQ for lunch. What an awesome day in a beautiful park.

Monday, May 18, 2015

It is Gymnastics time down at the school hall this term. Miss Green has been busy working with the gym group who compete at Argos Gym Centre next week. Children competing from Room 6 are : Brianna, Anika,Charlotte,Kaleb,Adam, Keenan,and Jason. Good luck guys. These gymnasts have been great models for our class gym programme demonstrating the correct way to roll, vault, land and balance. We are having fun learning these new skills, some of these are much harder than you think. We are currently learning to perfect a handstand and a cartwheel. Next challenge is the wobbly, old beam.
Room 6 is training hard in preparation for the school cross country in Week 6. We have all set achievable goals and set ourselves a training programme to help achieve these. At school we have been running around both fields including some up and down the banks to get some hill climb work in. Yesterday the Year 4's had their first run down to Maramatanga Park. It highlighted the need to wear appropriate clothing, running in slip on shoes is very difficult! We are getting faster and stronger. There are going to be some great sprint challenges on the finish line so be sure to keep Friday 29th of May free to support us.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Clever Gardeners

Look at all the great produce our summer garden provided this year. We have tasted corn, tomatoes, cucumber, beans ,zucchini and our pumpkins are going to be made into soup. Yum!